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Arts and crafts style early 20th century home by Famous Architect Baillie Scott. This was my first arts and crafts house to work on in the UK. What a delightful home and architecture details this house has… Heart of Esher, I truly enjoyed working with delightful owners. Unlikely my most projects, this project took approximately 9 years. Client truly enjoyed and took the time to design each year different set of rooms in this big house.  We worked along with existing many amazing antique pieces that they had, re-upholstery of beautiful furniture that they had, we also designed many traditional looking furniture that complemented the existing ones. In other words respecting amazing architecture and respecting client’s original tastes were our ultimate goal to achieve.  We kept this terracotta tile and we made many changes to this foyer, and worked around it. Transformation of the room was incredible.  We had many commissioned art work throughout the house. one of them being replica of Bailley Scot’s clay relief artworks. This was a surprise to our client and the artist that we worked on this Maap studio from Poland did an excellent job on detailing these.